When a mom is struggling, sometimes she just needs someone to help. Our one on one Postpartum Guidance Sessions are designed to help moms navigate the waters of postpartum. We also offer Postpartum preparedness session to help you know what to expect in regards to postpartum.

At The Sitting Moon, we are dedicated to stepping up efforts in addressing the issues that moms face during the 4th trimester. Education is the foundation to solving those issues. Because mother's mental health matters. When we strengthen her emotional state we improve the family dyad.

We know how stressful it is to find the right resources when families have a lot going on. We have created a list of other helpful services and made some helpful tools to aid in postpartum preparedness.

The Sitting Moon started with an idea that was built from a need. We watched the women we cared for, both professionally and personally, suffering. We saw that their postpartum needs were not being met. We witnessed a society that placed unrealistic expectations on new mothers, but failed to provide them the tools, education, and support to meet those obligations. We found in ourselves a responsibility, in our collective ability, to step in and help.

We are your partner, your spouse, your mom, your dad, your grandma and grandpa. We are your sister, your brother, your aunt and uncle. We are your babysitter, your teacher, your nurse, your doula, your community. We are you. We are here to help.

Our focus is on providing education, resources and hands on support for moms and families. We also provide Postpartum doula training and certification to ensure moms are able to get the right kind of care.