The Sitting Moon

The Sitting Moon is a Nonprofit with the focus of Helping Moms Postpartum. We offer educational classes, resources, and one on one guidance sessions to help moms in the midst of postpartum or while preparing for their journey, at no cost to them. We believe that the right education and support is key to reducing PMAD rates and improving the overall postpartum experience for the whole family. We understand the value and benefit of your service and are excited to get as many families as possible in contact with you. We believe this event will be the first of many to showcase the amazing resources that the DFW area has to offer!

The Event

Our Mommies and Monsters event, a Halloween Fall Festival, will be held on October 30th, 2021, from 3:00 pm to 8:00 pm. There will be LOTs of fun activities available for families to do, but, one of the first things they will see and get to enjoy will be trick or treating! You (the vendors) will be the persons handing out treats and providing a fun Halloween experience. We ask that you decorate your section and provide a "treat" to hand out along with your marketing material. Feel free to include games and any other fun filled activity at your station. Vendor spots are limited along the path to allow for appropriate space between each station to avoid crowding and provide a safe distance for everyone's comfort. Due to limited space and the fact that this event is FREE for vendors registration is required and will be granted at first come first serve. Additionally we ask that you register only if you are able to commit so that all stations are filled and all the families can have the best experience possible!